An organisation that uses innovative and technological methodologies to improve health services for all people in all locations with special focus on hard to reach rural and underserved communities.


A world where technology is leading improving health service delivery and removing the geographical barriers



  • We designed and managed the HEALTH GROUND. A mobile phone SMS based platform that helped women and girls especially the HIV support group members to monitor health services in their own communities. This was a Global Fund Project through the Southern African AIDS Trust (SAT)
  • We oriented 300 district care takers (haelth workers, chiefs, CSOs, media, etc) in 11 Districts in Malawi on how best they can use the HEALTH GROUND. We also oriented the groups on M-Health basics. This was a Global Fund Project through the Southern African AIDS Trust (SAT)

2016 to date

  • We designed and we are managing the RAINBOW SMS Platform. It is a mobile phone SMS based platform that sensitises Key Populations in Malawi on HIV and other health and rights issues. The platform also receives human rights violation reports from the community.


  • We completed the designing of the Health Beyong Walls (HBW): a Telehealth centre that provides a telehealth clinic, trainings, education and consultancy services on telehealth related fields


  • IFC is the implementer of the GIZ funded activity that uses technology to support female sex workers in Malawi (11 Districts) to get correct health information especially on HIV. This is an activity in the Back Up Health Project

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